Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"So you can meet girls" by The Moonshiners

The Moonshiners is the next big thing, according to the NME. I already forgot what last weeks Flavour of the Week was, and I don't care what next week will reveal, but The Moonshiners might be here to stay. 
The Moonshiners is actually a one man band by Gary "Gazza" Rochdale. He knows perfectly how to manipulate an audience by using YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter, but he knows how to write energetic songs too. He doesn't like to be compared to Arctic Monkeys or Gorrilaz but the influences are clear. After hearing his first album "So you can meet girls" you'll have to admit that The Moonshiners is an extraordinary talent.

"So you can meet girls" by The Moonshiners


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