Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Plant it this afternoon" by PMSE

Latin-America hasn't seen a band like PMSE in years. They're hot, they're goodlooking and they were able to convince the critics.
PMSE is the first so-called boys band that plays their own instruments, they co-write their own songs and are responsible for their own styling. And it's a huge success.
Meanwhile the whole of Europe and Asian is eagerly waiting for the boys to come over. As soon as all the fuzz in South-America calms down they'll tour the world, but with this album the hype will only increase. I guess we'll have to have patience and wait, listening to (and "watching", ladies!) the new single " That's why I love you", their follow-up to the millionseller "Plant it this afternoon".

"Plant it this afternoon" by PMSE


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