Thursday, April 9, 2009

"The sun grows old" By Type 100

Spanish urban music. Not precisely everybody's cup of tea...
Until you listen to Type 100. Spanish can be very convincing as a rap language. I remember one of the first rap albums I bought (in 1990): "Hispanic causing panic" by Kid Frost. That was strange and unusual too. And Type 100 brings back to memory the Fun Loving Criminals as well.
This album is a mix of jazz orientated rap, hispanic flavoured hiphop, Sepultura-like rock and Olodum-inspired capoheira. But in every song there's influences by Grandmaster Flash and Ice-T. Does that make it oldschool or retro?
So put all your prejudice aside and thouroughly enjoy this album. 

"The sun grows old" By Type 100


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