Friday, April 17, 2009

"A Thousand words" by Zuh Jin

I don't need to emphasize the fact that I love making CD covers. And that enthusiasm must have cought my son's eye. So he started this silly game too. Just for once. And he had bad luck. He got the worst photo you can get, and the most dreadfull name that one could come up with.
This is what he made: the album "A thousand words" by Zuh Jin.

But looking at the sleeve I asked myself what kind of music this so-called Zuh Jin would make. And should that genre be made clear by the design of the cover?
So I tried these four styles:
• seventies disco
• old school hiphop
• euro pop trash / Italo dance
• singer-songwriter / country folk
And I cheated slightly. (I had to! Really!) I cropped the photo, used details and even took the background away. And still it's a poor design. I have to admit that you can't always come up with an appealing  design.
Not with such a photo or such an artist name...

"A Thousand words" by Zuh Jin


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