Monday, May 4, 2009

"You will have entertained us" by Bella Coola

Bella Coola got a big mouth, she refuses to behave the way her record company wants her to, and she gives the whole world the middle finger.
And exactly that is the reason why a lot of young girls love her!
On the other hand: she's streetwise, she doesn't confirm to beauty ideals dictated by a lot of girls magazines and she's so out of fashion that it's fashionable again.
Here album too is hard to discribe. Is it retro? Eighties revival? Stolen from the seventies? Influenced by the nineties? But it sure is a chaotic mix of hiphop, soul and Britpop with hispanic influences...
I would say: just listen to it and I'm sure you will have entertained yourself.

"You will have entertained us" by Bella Coola


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