Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"No Hables Ingles" by Vouillé 2 Sèvres

You have to go a long way back to remember the Australian band Flash & the Pan, the American collective by the name of Deaf School or the Belgian project called The honeymoon Killers...
They all had in common that the musical genre they played never really mattered and that they had a lovely tongue-in-cheek tone in their lyrics.
The French quintet Vouillé 2 Sèvre has the same attitude and their debut album is hilarious. They sing in French, Algerian, Turkish and German. They don't speak Spanish (as mentioned in the title) but for that matter they don't speak Russian, Indonesian or Servo-Croatian either. Do listen to the single "Manche Maenner moegen Maedchen" and the title track. But equally good are "Bonjour concours" (a vivid song about Idols-like talent shows) and "Vaya" (a ironical song about welcoming strange cultures)...

"No Hables Ingles" by Vouillé 2 Sèvres


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