Sunday, June 27, 2010

"The Fame Monster" by Lady Gaga

If there's one fraud, just one fake artist in showbiz' nowadays it must beĀ Stefani Germanotta. You know her by the name of Lady Gaga.

The whole Gaga-act is just a rip off. She 's literaly designed by the company House of Gaga, which she seems to run. But her whole stage appearance isĀ inspired by (stolen from, that is) Madonna, Kylie Minogue, David Bowie, Grace Jones and Janet Jackson.
Someone who's been put together with parts from other people is called a Frankenstein monster, isn't he (or she)? That would make her album cover look like the top one on the left.
Secondly, she's popular with young girls and kids. But isn't there already another monster that is loved by kids, that is even more popular? (second cover).
To me, she's just addicted to fame (third cover), without having any talent for singing or dancing. She only wants to be famous for being famous (I call it the Paris Hilton syndrome)
And what do you have to do when you can't sing nor dance? Wiggle your parts. Especially the private ones. All you achieve by doing that, is getting infamous (4th cover).

So that is apparently what she's up to: getting famous by showing her c**t. Or by being one...

"The Fame Monster" by Lady Gaga



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